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Galli Pelletterie s.r.l. has worked in the leather industry since 1980. Initially it was oriented to foreing markets, with the manufacturing of vachette leather bags and briefcases. Over the years, it has increasingly turned towards the domestic market, collaborating whit world-renowned Italian fashion brands.

Besides manufacturing, Galli Pelletterie can satisfy the demands of its customers: from the creation of prototypes and models, on the direction of clients, to the production of samples for trade fairs and sales representatives, to packaging, when required. The forty-year experience allows Galli Pelletterie to have well-finished products, as well as delivery times, both of products and of samples, which is fundamental in a rapidly changing market. The company can offer different products, with regard to both materials and manufacturing processes, thanks to a very specialized internal production and to external groups, which have been formed over the years.

The company uses premium and high quality materials, which are rigorously controlled, in order to guarantee an increasingly high standard.

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